review rating 5  great place for breakfast and lunch. friendly staff, good food, reasonable prices. clean!

    thumb Daniela Tonel

    review rating 5  Great food great service. Not super fancy place but just fine for breakfast or lunch.

    thumb Steve To

    review rating 5  À première vue, l'endroit ne donne pas spécialement envie de rentrer... Mais vous feriez erreur de ne jamais venir essayer cette place de brunch. Les repas sont très copieux et complets. Parfait pour les gros estomacs! Les pancakes sont délicieux et je reviendrai très probablement pour goûter les autres gourmandises proposées par la maison! 😊

    thumb Laetitia FATELA

    review rating 3  Really middle fare fast food place. Go here for breakfast. Reasonable prices, big prices. Nothing to write home about but also nothing to complain about.

    thumb Michael Pasoff

    review rating 5  The food was delicious and extremely plentiful. Excellent place to load up on a big breakfast before exploring the town as it is a few minutes away from areas such as Mont Royal. The street is fun and lively. The staff were kind and service was quick.

    thumb Matt Weran

    review rating 5  Great food. Awesome selection. Good prices. Potatoes are lacking but the rest of the lumberjack combo makes up for it. Would definitely go back. If you’re going on a weekend expect a line (10-12 ppl).

    thumb Kate Armstrong

    review rating 5  The Eggs Benedict are excellent. Lots of other breakfast and diner options that are tasty. Very friendly waitstaff. There are lots of food options that will appeal to kids here. Sadly no vegetarian poutine though.

    thumb Ward Vandewege

    review rating 4  Très bon service rapide et sympathique. Par contre le fromage sur la poutine n'était pas frais. Je ne recommande pas pour la poutine. Les déjeuners sont excellent et les prix très raisonnables. De la bonne bouffe pas prétentieuse.

    thumb etrivard

    review rating 5  As a tourist, this family friendly-diner was a fun experience for the kids. The staff were friendly and food tasted great.

    thumb Gary Fernandes

      We woke up late but still wanted to breakfast.  Not knowing what our options where in terms of "Denny's" and "IHOPs" in Canada, we decided to check this place out.  They serve breakfast until 4pm.   Great place, great options, and we were able to get our pancakes and toast in the afternoon!

    thumb Miguel A.

      A friend of mine recommended this place for breakfast, and boy were they right! I decided to have the traditional Eggs Benedict, and they were delectable! Of course, the eggs were cooked perfectly...not under-cooked or overcooked. The Hollandaise sauce was very rich, and they give you a generous amount of sauce as well. The potatoes that were served with the meal were also great, not to heavy, but very light. And, of course, it comes with the traditional fruit arrangement that seems to be popular in Montreal. This meal was the perfect was filling but didn't bog you down. Easily, one of the best breakfasts I have had in Montreal, or even anywhere. Highly recommend!

    thumb David T.

      This place has a nice, unassuming feel. It's a cozy diner without any frills. For $6, you can get an egg, sausage, hash browns, that usual choice of "bread," and coffee.

    The food is cheap but good (don't get anything with spinach: I'm looking at you, eggs Benedict), and the best part is that there's never a line. Ever. It's so vexing going to brunch and waiting in line for half an hour or going to a place and deciding it's not worth waiting and then finding another place to go. Not here: they actually put tables in their restaurant instead of couches and bean bags and decorative body dancers.

    It's not something to show off (unless you're showing it off to someone who asked to go to a diner), but it's convenient.

    thumb Gregory C.

      Waitress is friendly and attentive, coffee (and refills) are free, and the food is delicious!

    thumb Ray S.

      Perfect place for greasy spoon family-style breakfast and brunch. Tons of food for good price. Friendly service.
    Had the waffle special which included the eggs. Good taste of most things on the menu, if you want to sample multiple things.

    Would definitely go there again.

    thumb Biniam K.

      Nice spot with friendly and attentive service! Great breakfast selections and you cant go wrong with any of the crepes.

    thumb Kevin Q.

      I am all about dive diners but my breakfast was nasty. The tomaotes in my omelet tasted sour, like they had gone bad. I barely ate any of it and just paid and left. Also overpriced for the quality of what you get. Won't be going again.

    thumb Melanie D.

      I had the most delicious chocolate chip and banana pancakes here. We stumbled upon it while walking St. Laurent and I am so happy. It is much like a diner, not fancy but the food is very good.

    thumb Jen M.

      It's an old diner, with a large menu and big portions. This place was here for ages, on the saint-laurent street.
    I go there from time to time with my friends for a brunch; my favorite is the festin #2, it comes with eggs, bacon, sausages and a buttermilk chocolate chips pancake.

    thumb Fouad B.

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