review rating 5  This is my favorite breakfast restaurant in Mont-Royal. They give huge portions, enough to not eat for like 8 hours. Furthermore, it is cost effective. Tables are a bit squished since its a small place. But its all worth it. Im satisfied everytime I go there.

    thumb Eric Payette

    review rating 5  I Had a very nice time the food was cheap for what you get like I got this crepe and it was huge but I loved it and I ate it all. It was probably the best food I have ever had. The waiters were very nice and friendly. I recommend it to anyone who loves food or has kids.

    thumb Tara Scribner

    review rating 4  Good food at decent prices. If you want a huge meal and bang for your buck go for one of the Festin meals. It gets pretty busy for breakfast-lunch, especially on the weekends, so may be a short wait for a table.

    thumb Anna Sendall-Boyd

    review rating 5  I recently spent two months in Montreal and kept going back to this place for brunch despite it being well away from my neighbourhood. The big "festin" brunches were truly amazing. The blueberry pancakes are absolutely delicious. The service is warm and efficient and the prices are good.

    thumb James Dugan

    review rating 4  A very extensive breakfast menu. They have everything! Dishes are also quite large and filling. While not particularly imaginative, the food is tasty and enjoyable. Only real downside is that the restaurant is somewhat cramped and uncomfortable.

    thumb Tony Lim

    review rating 5  Best breakfast in the area. I've eaten here dozens of times, and although I'm now 100s of KM away I still feel like going back for a bite.

    thumb Aaron Kuchma

    review rating 4  Small little diner family ran. Staff is very nice and accommodating to English speaking customers and accommodating to food restrictions. The only down side is that it is very tight as they try to fit as many tables as possible, so you feel like you are eating with the person right next to you. However, do not let that deter you visiting 🙂

    thumb Canel Kadir

    review rating 5  My husband and I came for a visit to Montreal from outside of Toronto. We had a scrumptious breakfast 🥞 at Le Vieux St. Laurent yesterday. (Easter Sunday). My husband and I found this restaurant on the internet!!! It was great, we had the works and could substitute the pancakes for crepes, which we loved!!! The latte was just what I needed... best part of all was the service of this magnificent waitress-Maria who was such a pleasure in helping us find the best selection for our Montreal breakfast experience!!! She was prompt, helpful and kind, I felt as though I connected to her in a way that showed we care about life and what this life is really all about, which to me is treating everyone we encounter with love and respect-I know this sounds pretty sentimental but being Easter Weekend and all, ended our stay in Montreal on a wonderful note!!! Thanks 🙏 ❤️🐣🥞

    thumb Leza Kjarsgaard

    review rating 5  MTL diamond in the ruff. Not a fancy place but boy does the food ever hit home. A true definition of Montreal flavor. The customer service is on point and the food gets to you quickly and literally everything taste good. Really cant wait to go back with the wifey. It would be surprising since this place has been here for ever, if you have not yet had the chance to try it yet....GO! #comfortfood

    thumb James Wazen

      Waitress is friendly and attentive, coffee (and refills) are free, and the food is delicious!

    thumb Ray S.

      Came here with a local friend who swears this is her favourite spot for breakfast. I'm a sucker for well-worn diners, and that is exactly what we found here.

    Luckily, we were early enough to grab a table - this is a very popular spot, and the crowd at the entrance was thick at the entrance when we left.

    Food is diner food, and that's perfect for a weekend morning. I had the smoked salmon omelette and I really enjoyed it. Large portions, bottomless coffee and typically neutral service (they just need to keep pushing the customers through) were expected and received.  

    For the portions and the "greasy spoon" atmosphere, I'll be back.

    thumb Kimberley M.

      First time at this restaurant and I loved it! The food was very good and very well presented. They had various options so everyone I was with had no problem choosing a meal. I rated this four stars because we decided to combine checks and our waitress charged us more. I think she just made a mistake because she was pretty busy! But other than that, I would recommend this place for food! It was very great

    thumb Lizzy B.

      Wish we hadn't waited until our last day in Montreal.  I'm partial to breakfast but it's still one of the best meals I had during our trip.  Excellent service...great bottomless coffee and delicious food.  Will definitely be back when in town.

    thumb Megs W.

      Good service and hearty portions. They know how to fit a lot of people into their restaurant. We enjoyed the omelettes we ordered plus we got a side of challah French toast. It is reasonable in cost and they had tons of choices from waffles to pancakes. The home fries are excellent.

    thumb Mieko O.

      Mediocre Food. Poor Service.

    The eggs are meh, the pancakes taste synthetic, the fruit is rarely fresh, the beans are mushy, and the potatoes are lackluster to say the least. The condiments containers are also often filthy, with the bottles either greasy or covered in caked-on content.s

    The only reason I eat here is because it is around the corner from my house. If you're on the Plateau looking for a place to brunch, there are several other places you should consider first -- e.g. Bagels Etc., L'Evidence, Universel, and the list goes on.

    They're also prone to messing up orders, whether eating-in or getting take-out.

    In a word, not really worth a stop-in unless you're literally around the corner and too hungover/tired to go any further.

    thumb CT M.

      I have a weird interest in the north american family dining experience. The utilitarianism of the wipe-down surfaces and stainless steel kitchens, the bustling staff who fill up your coffee just like they do in diners in the movies, and most of all, the menu: that 200-page laminated, illustrated novel that contains, without fail, every combination of food known to man.

    Chicken wings? Yeah! Eggs Benedict? Of course! Pizza, tacos, burgers, pie? We have them all!

    This place is one of those, and though I like to tell myself I come here just for quick and easy fuel, the truth is that I love the experience and the food is always good. Do I wish the beans were a bit more generously portioned? Yes. I love beans. But do they make up for it by piling your plate high with every other breakfast food known to man? YOU BET.

    The staff here are so lovely, too - or perhaps it's just the one lady I've had on three occasions who, I'll be honest, I'm a little bit in love with. Not only was she kind and receptive, she even recommended the sharing plate - which is basically two breakfasts for the price of 1.2 breakfasts. WHAT!

    This place isn't going to blow you away with fine dining, but it will take care of that tum rumble in ten thousand lovingly-made ways, and that's just what you need sometimes.

    thumb Kate G.

      Fantastic brunch food - poached eggs with fruit yogurt and a delicious Montreal bagel, an omelette with home fries toast - plus no wait on an early Saturday afternoon.

    thumb D. N.

      Trekked a long way to get here for brunch as per our concierge's recommendation one Saturday afternoon. We waited about an hour between the time we ordered our food and the time it was placed in front of us. The waitress said that it was always that busy on Saturdays but I felt that we could have been warned as we were extremely famished once we arrived and were literally going stir crazy watching people eating around us.

    Despite this major setback our food that arrived was delicious. The eggs were cooked perfectly, the bacon wasn't too fatty and it came with a small cup of fruit and unlimited coffee which we really needed. The homefries were my favorite part and I would go back just for those.

    Overall, I am pleased with the food but felt that the service should have informed us of the long wait ahead so we could plan accordingly.

    thumb Roksana B.

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