review rating 5  The service was excellent always with a smile, I really recommend this place if you want a traditional Canadian breakfast, price is good (around $15 cad)

    thumb Martin Ramses Perez Fierro

    review rating 3  First off, the overall experience of our breakfast was great. The staff were really friendly and we were seated much quicker than expected. However, my partners poached eggs had a vinegar taste and my brown beans were cold. Considering the other reviews though, the overall experience and the price of our breakfast, I'd definitely come again.

    thumb Todd Smeed

    review rating 5  A truly traditional restaurant. Probably my favorite down when it comes to breakfast. Had just that meal and then headed to work and didn't eat anything til the night so that means the breakfast I had was the perfect fuel for the day. Love the combination of dishes they have, so many choices. Had the waffle one benedict and approved for sure.

    thumb Sergio Tellez Galindo

    review rating 4  This diner was a classic family diner experience with a special that includes soup, entree (2 pork souvlaki, rice, fries, salad, and tzaziki), dessert, and coffee! 13.95! Everything tasted great and their rice pudding is yummy. Nice friendly and fast service.

    thumb Pitsey Moss - Davies

    review rating 4  Great breakfast joint...does the basics well and some better choices too. Service is good and fast.

    thumb Victor Corzato

    review rating 5  Delicious breakfast and enormous portions make this cozy spot a must visit! Huge bilingual menu.

    thumb Romeo Graham

    review rating 5  Great brunch place. I usually get the waffles and mushroom eggs Benedict cause they are delicious. Don't get me wrong they are dishes by themselves but I start off with the Benedict and have the waffles as dessert 😅

    thumb Adeeb Ibne Amjad

    review rating 5  Great brunch place. I usually get the waffles and mushroom eggs Benedict cause they are delicious. Don't get me wrong they are dishes by themselves but I start off with the Benedict and have the waffles as dessert 😅

    thumb Adeeb Ibne Amjad

    review rating 5  This is a nice place to have brunch. The quality is very good and the price is reasonable. You can find good variety of choices in the menu for different diets. Crew is nice and helpful. I recommend it.

    thumb Amir Takbash

      Mediocre Food. Poor Service.

    The eggs are meh, the pancakes taste synthetic, the fruit is rarely fresh, the beans are mushy, and the potatoes are lackluster to say the least. The condiments containers are also often filthy, with the bottles either greasy or covered in caked-on content.s

    The only reason I eat here is because it is around the corner from my house. If you're on the Plateau looking for a place to brunch, there are several other places you should consider first -- e.g. Bagels Etc., L'Evidence, Universel, and the list goes on.

    They're also prone to messing up orders, whether eating-in or getting take-out.

    In a word, not really worth a stop-in unless you're literally around the corner and too hungover/tired to go any further.

    thumb CT M.

      This is a great diner-style brunch spot! After my previous favorite cheap brunch spot closed (Place Milton), I was in search of a replacement, and this place seems to fit the bill. It has a pretty wide menu with all of your classic brunch favorites- I recommend their bagel breakfast sandwiches (and the home fries/potatoes). It's definitely not the best food you've ever tasted, but for the quick service and relatively cheap prices, it's a great spot. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a diner-style brunch.

    thumb Hanna H.

      A friend of mine recommended this place for breakfast, and boy were they right! I decided to have the traditional Eggs Benedict, and they were delectable! Of course, the eggs were cooked perfectly...not under-cooked or overcooked. The Hollandaise sauce was very rich, and they give you a generous amount of sauce as well. The potatoes that were served with the meal were also great, not to heavy, but very light. And, of course, it comes with the traditional fruit arrangement that seems to be popular in Montreal. This meal was the perfect was filling but didn't bog you down. Easily, one of the best breakfasts I have had in Montreal, or even anywhere. Highly recommend!

    thumb David T.

      Best diner dive brunch experience. The food is simple but delicious, well prepared and the quantities are big. Amazing price value. This place is extremely underrated.

    thumb Haseeb T.

      Pretty much the most average place on The Main, but that plays to its charm. It's got eggs, it's got bacon and in the afternoon, it has sandwiches and some other stuff.

    You get what you pay for, and always leave with a full stomach.

    Fun fact: This is my first time back in two years, and NONE of the staff have changed. Good sign that they're treated well.

    thumb Youri H.

      We woke up late but still wanted to breakfast.  Not knowing what our options where in terms of "Denny's" and "IHOPs" in Canada, we decided to check this place out.  They serve breakfast until 4pm.   Great place, great options, and we were able to get our pancakes and toast in the afternoon!

    thumb Miguel A.

      Want breakfast? That's what you'll get.
    Classic petite dejeuner for under $5 with lots of other breakfast options on the menu.
    No frills, no jam (you have to ask and even then they dole the stuff out like gold, one packet at a time), lots of refills on your coffee.
    They serve late, are quick about it, will probably tease you about your French and bring you a hot simple plate of exactly what you expected.

    The potatoes are quite tasty. Like fries but in the shape of breakfast potatoes.

    Breakfast served until 4pm, Interac and credit cards accepted, you can easily get out of Le Vieux St-Laurent for two under $15.

    thumb Amber M.

      It's an old diner, with a large menu and big portions. This place was here for ages, on the saint-laurent street.
    I go there from time to time with my friends for a brunch; my favorite is the festin #2, it comes with eggs, bacon, sausages and a buttermilk chocolate chips pancake.

    thumb Fouad B.

      Avoid the crèpe! I ordered a spinach and cheese crèpe, couldn't go past 2 bites of it. The thing was soaked in oil, so much so I'm pretty sure I ate 2 spoonful of oil in those two bites.

    thumb Jessica L.

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