review rating 5  So far this is the most delicious French toast I've ever had in my life.

    thumb 廖詠婕

    review rating 4  The food was fantastic! The portions are good for sharing or eating alone if you have a large appetite.

    thumb A E

    review rating 5  Wow, best breakfast in town... The servers were friendly and helpful. The food was delicious too! I recommend Restaurant Le Vieux Saint-Laurent.

    thumb Tiana Nguyen

    review rating 5  Fantastic food at very reasonable prices. Their menu is very extensive and no doubt has something for everyone. The staff are also very friendly and nice, especially Annie our waitress. We went for breakfast on a weekend trip to Montreal and picked this place randomly but went back the next morning for breakfast again because it was so good. I can't recommend this place enough!

    thumb Amir E

    review rating 5  Excellent restaurant. 10/10 would recommend. Simple grandma's food type place.

    thumb Kim Tardy

    review rating 4  Good cheap food, friendly staff, good for large groups of friends and family.

    thumb Tim Parsons

    review rating 5  Fantastic for lunch/brunch, too! Great Eggs Benedict, waffles, eggs.

    thumb Vincent Surette

    review rating 5  The service was excellent always with a smile, I really recommend this place if you want a traditional Canadian breakfast, price is good (around $15 cad)

    thumb Martin Ramses Perez Fierro

    review rating 3  First off, the overall experience of our breakfast was great. The staff were really friendly and we were seated much quicker than expected. However, my partners poached eggs had a vinegar taste and my brown beans were cold. Considering the other reviews though, the overall experience and the price of our breakfast, I'd definitely come again.

    thumb Todd Smeed

      The most classic Main diner style breakfasts and atmosphere. Expect at line if you're there after 10-11am on a Saturday Sunday . Join the hungover students and hipsters as they recount their epic nights over greasy breaky and bottomless coffee. As it should be.

    thumb Steph S.

      Another great place to eat in Montreal!  A wide variety of options on the breakfast front (seeing that I was there between the breakfast and lunch hours) and if I am not mistaken, breakfast is served for most of the day, if not all day.  The egg dishes and omelettes come with white or wheat toast, breakfast potatoes, a small fruit cup, and coffee, if you so choose.  I had a basic cheddar omelette with wheat toast and probably the best potatoes ever (not greasy at all!)  They also offer a nice selection of pancakes, crepes, french toast, and any other breakfast dish you could possibly think of.  Friendly waitstaff, excellent food, and great service make it all the more enjoyable.  Plus, the restaurant is so conveniently located in the trendy St. Laurent area along with many other cool shops.

    thumb Dana B.

      Came here for breakfast with my friend after looking at some other Yelp reviews.

    Breakfast was Cheap.
    Food was hearty.
    Service was good. (loved the potato slices on the side)
    Food was good.

    Only thing I'd change.... the option of how you want your eggs made for an eggs benedict.

    4.5 stars.

    thumb Chloe T.

      Avoid the crèpe! I ordered a spinach and cheese crèpe, couldn't go past 2 bites of it. The thing was soaked in oil, so much so I'm pretty sure I ate 2 spoonful of oil in those two bites.

    thumb Jessica L.

      Do you want to eat a fancy meal, where you like boasting you scored seats? Well this ain't it!

    This has been a Main staple for so long and yet maintained its goal, to fill you up!

    The Omelette was excellent, the amount of fruit served is unbelievable (given how rising commodity prices has decreased portions elsewhere)

    What you see is what you get, an amazing breakfast!

    thumb Pradeep K.

      Pretty much the most average place on The Main, but that plays to its charm. It's got eggs, it's got bacon and in the afternoon, it has sandwiches and some other stuff.

    You get what you pay for, and always leave with a full stomach.

    Fun fact: This is my first time back in two years, and NONE of the staff have changed. Good sign that they're treated well.

    thumb Youri H.

      Yummy food and friendly service. Their eggs Benedict's done excellent and waffles finger liking good. We will go back again for sure.

    thumb Corona B.

      The eggs Benedict was very tasty! Big portions and Annie split the portion into two plates for us! 10/10 recommend!

    thumb Joyce L.

      I have a weird interest in the north american family dining experience. The utilitarianism of the wipe-down surfaces and stainless steel kitchens, the bustling staff who fill up your coffee just like they do in diners in the movies, and most of all, the menu: that 200-page laminated, illustrated novel that contains, without fail, every combination of food known to man.

    Chicken wings? Yeah! Eggs Benedict? Of course! Pizza, tacos, burgers, pie? We have them all!

    This place is one of those, and though I like to tell myself I come here just for quick and easy fuel, the truth is that I love the experience and the food is always good. Do I wish the beans were a bit more generously portioned? Yes. I love beans. But do they make up for it by piling your plate high with every other breakfast food known to man? YOU BET.

    The staff here are so lovely, too - or perhaps it's just the one lady I've had on three occasions who, I'll be honest, I'm a little bit in love with. Not only was she kind and receptive, she even recommended the sharing plate - which is basically two breakfasts for the price of 1.2 breakfasts. WHAT!

    This place isn't going to blow you away with fine dining, but it will take care of that tum rumble in ten thousand lovingly-made ways, and that's just what you need sometimes.

    thumb Kate G.

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