review rating 5  Service was great and portions were large. Recommend if you want a good hearty meal.

    thumb David Mark

    review rating 5  So far this is the most delicious French toast I've ever had in my life.

    thumb 廖詠婕

    review rating 4  The food was fantastic! The portions are good for sharing or eating alone if you have a large appetite.

    thumb A E

    review rating 5  Wow, best breakfast in town... The servers were friendly and helpful. The food was delicious too! I recommend Restaurant Le Vieux Saint-Laurent.

    thumb Tiana Nguyen

    review rating 5  Fantastic food at very reasonable prices. Their menu is very extensive and no doubt has something for everyone. The staff are also very friendly and nice, especially Annie our waitress. We went for breakfast on a weekend trip to Montreal and picked this place randomly but went back the next morning for breakfast again because it was so good. I can't recommend this place enough!

    thumb Amir E

    review rating 5  Excellent restaurant. 10/10 would recommend. Simple grandma's food type place.

    thumb Kim Tardy

    review rating 4  Good cheap food, friendly staff, good for large groups of friends and family.

    thumb Tim Parsons

    review rating 5  Fantastic for lunch/brunch, too! Great Eggs Benedict, waffles, eggs.

    thumb Vincent Surette

    review rating 5  The service was excellent always with a smile, I really recommend this place if you want a traditional Canadian breakfast, price is good (around $15 cad)

    thumb Martin Ramses Perez Fierro

      Decent food, but absolutely terrible service. First of all, we had to switch tables and they were incredibly rude about it. They made us move our drinks and place settings! Then it took them 15 minutes to even bring us water and menus (it was also impossible to get a refill on my water. That took 20 minutes). The waitress also had no idea what was on the menu. They had items on their menu that they "haven't had in months." Seriously, how hard is it to print a new menu? Overall all the staff were very disorganized and that ruined the meal.  Would not go back.  Also, side note: if you're going to have an open kitchen, it should look clean. This did not.

    thumb Jake H.

      A favourite of ours! Always exceptional service and the food always come quickly no matter how busy they are. Big portions for price.

    thumb Kassidy M.

      Incredible food, prices, & service! Even for a busy morning they managed to get our food out fast & boy was it delicious! Waffle to die for! Eggs Benedict was incredibly great! Will be back!

    thumb Jesse R.

      Had this place about 2 years ago, and still dreaming of the day I will be back!!! It was heaven, a little hole in the wall. Glad we took a chance to come here.

    It is a classic diner style, casual place. But boy does the food say otherwise !

    Surprised to find they served eggs Benedict! In a variety of options and toppings. We had the smoked salmon selection.

    They have crepes and waffles too, which we tried the Strawberries and nutella style.

    French toast with strawberries!

    And a classic breakfast with sunnyside up eggs!

    The service is friendly, efficient and fast. Our food all came quickly and piping hot.

    The eggs Benedict was on a bed of spinach and smoked salmon. It was a rich creamy hollandaise sauce as well!

    Over all I recommend this place to others who are coming up to MTL that may be lost like I was looking for food.

    thumb Chantal Y.

      Yummy food and friendly service. Their eggs Benedict's done excellent and waffles finger liking good. We will go back again for sure.

    thumb Corona B.

      for starters i made a reservation for new years ever for 9pm( as though they were doing us a favor, and very rude), then my husband changed it to 8:30 with a totally grouchy employee on the phone the same night.  Upon arriving, the manager made me feel like a piece of shit, arguing with me that my reservation was for 9pm and i was early, i explained to him that my husband called like 5 hours ago and changed it to 8:30pm, he, get ready for this,told me no way, i was the only one answering the phones??? are you for real? you are arguing with a customer on new years eve, and blatantly calling them a liar? STRIKE ONE..................thankfully our waiter was great, and he did get a great tip...............the food, mediocre to say the least, how can you advertise shish kebab, and serve a souvlaki on a stick? STIKE TWO; too emabrrased to cause a scene, thanks to my daughters common sense.  The chicken and shrimp get 3 stars , only because the chicken was delicious, as were the potatoes, unfortunately the shrimp was limp and soggy, (this is a $24 plate)............whatever, it was a crappy experience, and i suggest the manager learn that the customer is who needs to be happy and not his overbloated ego,nothwistanding that it was a stressful night...............we went for a change this year..............big mistake................

    thumb Dina C.

      I was looking with my folks where to brunch in St. Laurent. We found this restaurant and lettme tell you, we were so glad we chose this spot for brunch.

    This location looks like a classic American dinner restaurant. The service was particularly friendly and charming. They treated us like grandma's favorite grandkids, and spoiled us with love.

    We ordered two brunches, and one to share. Tip: you pay $3 extra dollars but it is so worth it. The food was overflowing and the fruit was exquisite. Freshness was its First name.

    I would've never thought I would have such nice time here. Never judge a book by its cover.

    Their flaw is their regular coffee. Their cappuccinos are good. Hence, ask for a coffee that is not pre-made.

    Conclusion. You will end so full that the rest of the restaurants on St. Laurent will make you look away.

    thumb Leo L.

      I had the most delicious chocolate chip and banana pancakes here. We stumbled upon it while walking St. Laurent and I am so happy. It is much like a diner, not fancy but the food is very good.

    thumb Jen M.

      Best diner dive brunch experience. The food is simple but delicious, well prepared and the quantities are big. Amazing price value. This place is extremely underrated.

    thumb Haseeb T.

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